Alpenglow Alpacas

Extreme Alpaca Socks


ON CLEARANCE SALE!   This is the only item on this site not hand made by Linnea.  The reason is that these socks are GREAT!  Everyone who tries them loves them and comes back for more.  Unfortunately, the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America (AFCNA) who used to make these has gone out of business.  This is the last of my supply.  The socks are USA made by the co-op from USA alpaca fiber.  They are 74% alpaca, 24% nylon and 2% elastic.  They come to mid calf.  They are warm and durable.  Linnea wears them all winter long working on our ranch.  Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle, line dry.  They are great for hiking, skiing, or just keeping warm.  We'll be looking for a similar replacemnt.

Purchase the slightly irregular socks at a discount while supplies last.  You won't even be able to find the flaw!

Sock size 9-11 fits Women's shoe size 7-9, Men's shoe size 6-8
Sock size 10-13 fits Women's shoe size 9-11, Men's shoe size 8-10