Alpenglow Alpacas

Cute and Cuddly!

The quality of the fleece and various colors of the alpacas is our inspiration in creating products.  Our herd is small, yet we try to maintain many of the natural alpaca colors.  Each alpaca has their own personality.  We would like you to get to know them so you can appreciate which alpaca has supplied the fiber that has gone into our products.  

Today we are featuring Millicent...


She is the newest addition to our herd as she was born August 2013.  She has not been shorn yet.  Her first shearing will be May 2014.  I can hardly wait to get a closer look at her fiber.  Her fleece is very fine and bright.  Even though she looks white, she is considered light fawn in color.  When you part her fiber, the color will appear darker.  She already has a huge amount of fiber even though she still has at least another year to grow.  Believe it or not, we have trimmed the fleece around her eyes.  She really can see!

Millicent - Cute and Cuddly Mill right-behind 1-19-14jpg Two hours old with Mom Milli and her best friend Milli in full fleece